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Republic Day in India is a public holiday. India marks this day as when the constitution of the country came into force on 26th January 1950 thus replacing the government of India Act of 1935. This turned the nation into a democratic republic. The day also marks and puts the nation as a fully Sovereign Republic in The Commonwealth of Nations with The President of India as the nominal Head of the Indian Union.

This day marks a great historical significance and every year is celebrated with great honor. The famous Republic Day parade at the Rajpath is the most important and impressive ceremony that is held every year and the top dignitaries of the country as well as of other countries are present at this remarkable occasion. If you are planning to be a part of his grand event and wish to witness its grandeur the first thing would be to book yourself cheap  CANADA TO INDIA ROUND TRIP REPUBLIC DAY TRAVEL DEALS  that start FROM C$810* at Flydealfare.

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As we all know Canada is home to a significant number of Indians and the approximate numbers are around 700,000.They are the largest components of the South Asians residing in Canada.

Being educated professionals, businessmen and entrepreneurs, Canada is one of the most preferred destinations by the Indians. Many Indians have chosen Canada as their second home. So many students from India are also migrating to Canada in search of a prosperous future.

We know that so many people travel back from Canada to India for the Republic Day. But getting affordable and cheap flight tickets is one of the most crucial concerns of all these international travelers. There is a spike in flight ticket prices during this time and getting you the cheap flight tickets becomes imperative.

The crux of the whole matter for all the travelers from Canada to India is how to get cheap and affordable round trip flight tickets? Well, we at Flydealfare are the ones who will help you solve your conundrum and provide you with the best deals on your CANADA TO INDIA ROUND TRIP.

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There are thousands of people who travel to India from Canada at this time. Finding the right ticketing options that suit your budget and are affordable are elusive. If you’re planning or traveling for a round trip it’s natural that you must be looking to get the best deals for your flight.

After travel restrictions on most international flights have been relaxed, people finally got back the privilege to manifest their travel plans.

Such long journeys can really put a huge load on your pocket and it becomes indispensable to find yourself the cheapest deals on your flight tickets. If you go online there will be hundreds of options to consider while booking your flight tickets.

But you cannot trust most of these ticketing platforms. They are concerned about making lucrative profits by offering you online tickets. So the problem that you come across is who you can trust when it’s about your hard earned money!! Well, don’t worry as we will help you address this crucial problem of yours.

Things like what would be the best price, the class you would want to choose for yourself and the airlines you believe are perfect for your journey are what all you think about. We bring you so many options to choose from. Choose the best deals for yourself as per your requirement and budget.

No matter if you are traveling with our family, with your friends or it’s all about your desire to travel solo to see the Republic Day celebrations back here!! The most common thought that will strike your mind will be to get cheap flight tickets to India. The cost of a ticket is one crucial factor about your round trip.

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 1) TORONTO (YYZ) – DELHI (DEL): Fare Starts From C$1220*


 2) TORONTO (YYZ) – MUMBAI (BOM): Fare Starts From C$1225*


3) TORONTO (YYZ) – HYDERABAD (HYD): Fare Starts From C$1160*




 1) VANCOUVER (YVR) – DELHI (DEL): Fare Starts From C$810*


 2) VANCOUVER (YVR) – MUMBAI (BOM): Fare Starts From C$1050*


 3) VANCOUVER (YVR) – HYDERABAD (HYD): Fare Starts From $1339*




CALGARY (YYC) – DELHI (DEL): Fare Starts From C$1275*


CALGARY (YYC) – MUMBAI (BOM): Fare Starts From C$1378*


CALGARY (YYC) – HYDERABAD (HYD) : Fare Starts From C$1497*



Q1. Can I book direct flights from Canada to India?

Ans- Yes, you can book Canada to India direct flights.

Q2. What is the Visa Requirements while traveling from Canada to India?

Ans- There are certain specific visa requirements when you travel from Canada to India. The passport eligibility must extend at least for six months when you arrive in India and have two blank pages.

Q3. What is the exact time difference between India and Canada?

Ans- The exact time difference between India and Canada cannot be ascertained because Canada has 6 time zones. India has only one time zone.

Q4. Which is some of the major airlines flying from Canada to India? 

Ans- Air Canada, Air India, Lufthansa, British Airways, Emirates and Jet Airways are some of the major airlines connecting Canada to India.

Q5. What is the total number of International Airports in India?

Ans- There are a total 34 International Airports in India.

Q6. How to book cheap Canada to India flights?

Ans- You can always try some tips and tricks like choosing the right platform for your ticket bookings.