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Privacy Policy

While connecting to TTL Holidays INC, you don’t need to worry about the confidential information as it remains protected when you visit our site. We provide the best customer service experience and are fully committed towards our work. All we need is your name, address, e-mail address and phone number. We commit 100% security towards the privacy of your personal details.

Collection of Personal Information

FlyDealFare gives you the chance to stay connected to our Travel professionals or experts. To explore great deals, you may need to visit our site and for that, you don’t need to provide us your personal information.

Membership Information

We let you be a member of our site. This will give you the benefit and freedom to complete your travel purchases whenever you are free. If you think by becoming a member of our site, you need to follow some extreme steps; it’s not like that at all. It only needs your some basic details like name, e-mail address, and password. Furthermore, you can add extra information like credit card number, frequent flyer number, and travel preferences. You can update your personal information any time after getting the membership. If you become a member, we can serve you in a better way and fulfilling all your travel needs.

Transaction Information

We would ask you for your billing and shilling address, credit card number and expiry date and anything which is required to successfully complete the transaction in order to complete your purchase.

Promo Newsletters and SMS

To receive promotional newsletters and SMS from our site, you need to submit your e-mail address or contact number to us. After submitting your information, you will be approved of the autodialed or pre-recorded calls from TTL Holidays INC on your registered number or mail address.

Subscription Information

If you are not a member of our site but you have given your mail address, then also you can receive travel deals. For this, you need to subscribe to our site by dropping your e-mail address. And we would send great travel offers via e-mail.

Contests/Sweepstakes Participation

Without becoming a member also, you can participate in the contests. It does not require any purchase or subscribe to us to enjoy participating in contests. All you need to do is share your personal information.

How Personal Information Is Used?

Your personal information would be used in the following ways:

  • Your personal information proves helpful while sharing with related parties to your purchase which can include airlines, hotels, travel insurance providers. Plus, any person who is responsible for the successful completion of the transaction.
  • After becoming a member, you will be provided all the information regarding the cancellation of flights, any updates or modifications in flight timings, updates at our site, any special or promotional offers like gifts, rewards, rebates etc. In addition to that, the third parties can communicate with you on our behalf from time to time to keep you informed about the services.
  • According to your choice, the third parties on our behalf can avail special deals or offers regarding traveling. You will communicate with only trustworthy parties who have valuable and necessary information related to your queries. The contests like rewards or prizes are processed by us using your personal information.
  • To serve you in a better and improved way, the third parties work and conduct research. The information provided to them is purely for research analysis and protected under confidentiality agreements.
  • Your personal information can only be disclosed if any of our Terms of Use and laws are violated by you under any circumstances or if your information is needed by a regulatory authority such as court.
  • If any company or site acquires us, then your information would not be retained back with us as it would be a transferrable asset. Your personal details and information would be used by that party and its subjects to our Privacy policy.

What We Won’t Do with Personal Information?

We can ensure 100% security on your personal information and will never sell it to third parties in any case.


Your information is confidential and password is protected as we maintain the full security of your personal information. Never forget to log out of your account every time you sign in at our site so that no unauthorized user can access your personal data. If you forget your password, we will help you create a new one. We use firewalls, intrusion detection systems. Restricted access to anyone’s profile, logical network segmentation and complete security measures to protect your information and our database.

Authorized personnel is permitted to access your personal information

By passing your personal details from secure socket layer technology, we protect your details to leak out. Encrypting is done to convert your information into code before transferring your information across the internet. Plus, we store your credit card number in a secured database by encrypting it first before passing across the internet in order to protect your confidentiality.

However, it is also true that we cannot take 100% guarantee of your information as there is no control on everything over the internet. When you use the internet, there are always some sort of risks attached to it so it would be better if you take care and proper attention while giving your passwords to any unauthorized person.

Other, Non-Personal Information Collected

Information like IP address, browser used, and operating systems used by visitors have collected automatically in order to keep a check on the site traffic and usage by different visitors. This kind of details is non-personal and is not related to your identity so we are free to use this information to analyze web traffic.

We also use cookies like other sites to enhance your experience. These are small pieces of information which are stored by the browser while you are visiting some site. This is done with the purpose to collect non-personal information. Some browsers give you an option to set your preference about enabling cookies and it depends upon your choice whether you want to accept it or not. This way we would not analyze your address and your information won’t be accessed by us.

Only and only the third party can use the cookies and web beacons in order to keep a check on your visit and analyzing that how you visit our site.

TTL Holidays INC relies on Google analytics for marketing or online advertisements. Google or any site can display our advertisements across the internet. Almost all the third parties or Google makes use of first party and third party cookies for collecting the information and optimizing it to display ads in a better and well-organized manner.

What Is Not Covered By This Privacy Policy?

There is certain stuff which our privacy policy doesn’t cover like the policies of other sites which have placed their advertisements on our site. Plus, we do not control the links which are not maintained by us and any person who is not employed with us. Hence to avoid frauds, make sure you first check the privacy policies of those sites. Do share your information with such sites after complete satisfaction as we cannot guarantee your confidentiality in such a case.

Questions, Comments or Concerns

Feel free to contact us if you have any queries or questions related to our Privacy policy.

Privacy Policy Updates

In our sole discretion, we can change this privacy policy without notifying you at any time. You would be able to see the revised policy once when it is posted. And if there be any changes occur regarding the usage of your personal information, the revisions would be announced immediately at the homepage for your easy access. To make sure that you abide by all the rules and laws, keep yourself updated with our privacy policy.