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Being the capital of the southern state Tamil Nadu, Bengaluru has become one of the most populated and popular cities of India. You can find an immense beauty of attractive sites like Kapaleswar Temple, Victory War Memorial, St. George’s Fort, etc. and a unique blend of old buildings and modern architecture. The Chennai International Airport over here serves numerous locals as well as international visitors. One of the main gateways to South India, this city offers you to taste different cuisines and mouthwatering dishes. So if you are considering visiting this beautiful city, do check the availability of flights and make a call or visit the website of FlyDealFare.


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Chennai (Tamil Nadu) is 11 hours and 30 minutes ahead of Calgary (Canada). The approximate distance from Calgary to Chennai is about 12,742 km or 7,917 miles and in order to travel this, you need to invest a total of 19 hours and 35 minutes in a flight with more than one stop in between. For any further assistance, do make a call or contact us on our website.